A recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that the number of penetrating eye injuries to children caused by collapsible cloth and wire-framed laundry hampers may be on the rise. Evidently, the embedded stiff wire spring contained in the hampers can become dangerous if the cloth frays and the wire is exposed. According to a news source, recent incidents involved an 11-year-old boy and 23-month-old girl who each had an eye punctured by such wires, requiring emergency surgery. These types of injuries can result in “poor visual outcomes and multiple vision-threatening complications,” noted the study.

AAP suggested that parents receive a warning about the risks associated with the hampers. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which has jurisdiction over this product, has not made an official statement, the agency is apparently “looking into incident reports of eye injuries related to the wire framing of laundry hampers,” CPSC spokesperson Scott Wolfson said. See Reuters Health, July 1, 2013; Bloomberg BNA Product Safety & Liability Reporter, July 3, 2013.