The Queensland Government has announced that it will seek to partner with major project proponents by investing directly in strategic infrastructure that may be required to progress those projects.

When announcing the State Government’s strategy to make short-term, financial investments in rail, port and/or other infrastructure that is required to develop

Queensland’s Galilee basin, premier Campbell Newman has emphasised the significant number of additional jobs that could be created.

As the first example of the Government’s proposed strategy, the Government has announced the entry into an ‘Infrastructure Enabling Agreement’ with Adani Mining, whereby the Government will assist in the development of Adani’s North Galilee Basin Rail Project (NGBR Project), which will connect Adani’s $16.5bn thermal coking coal project to the Port of Abbot Point (bypassing the existing narrow gauge Moranbah line).

The announcement follows recent media speculation concerning Adani’s ability to obtain the required funding for the project, notwithstanding that the project has already obtained necessary state and Federal environmental approvals.