Employees making minimum wage in suburban Cook County, Illinois, can look forward to a jump in their wage rate in the years ahead, under an ordinance passed by the Cook County Board of Commissioners earlier this week.

Under the tiered increase set forth in the ordinance, the minimum wage will increase according to the following schedule:

  • An initial increase to $10 an hour effective July 1, 2017
  • $11 an hour in July 2018
  • $12 an hour in July 2019
  • $13 an hour by July 2020

After the established increase in 2020, subsequent annual increases will be based on the rate of inflation (not to exceed 2.5 percent). Additionally, in the event that state (or federal) minimum wage was to exceed the thresholds set forth in the ordinance, the higher rate would prevail.

The City of Chicago in 2014 approved minimum wage increases that would raise minimum wage to $13 by 2019 (as discussed on the City of Chicago’s website). It is recommended that employers keep a close eye on not only federal and state wage requirements, but also local ordinances and become familiar with any requirements unique to their locality.