The Bulgarian Agricultural Land Ownership and Use Act obliges all proprietors of agricultural land to file a declaration indicating the type of land management and the intended durable use of the land with the local Municipal Agriculture Directorate. Declarations must be filed by 31 July each year and are valid for the next agricultural year. Declarations can be filed personally or through a proxy and declarations filed by a co-owner can be used by all the other co-owners. 

Further, users of agricultural land must also submit a copy of all lease, rent and/or joint agricultural contracts to the Municipal Agriculture Directorate. In the event two or more contracts are submitted, which are not registered in the Land Register, then only the contract(s) indicated in the declaration submitted by the owner will be registered. The Municipal Agriculture Directorate shall notify the contract parties in case the owner may have omitted to file a declaration. 

If no contracts for use are filed and if the owner of agricultural land does not file a declaration that he/she will personally use the land then the Municipal Agricultural Directorate shall allocate the surface area of the agricultural land to the other users proportionately and in accordance with the manner of permanent use of the agricultural land. Users of agricultural land, who receive an allocation of such land, shall pay to a bank account of the relevant Municipal Agriculture Directorate an amount of the average annual rent payment for the territory, within three months of publication of the allocation. This amount represents a deposit for the entitled persons/owners, who have the right to claim the amount before the Municipal Agriculture Directorate within ten years.