On 17 May 2017 the Argentinian data protection authority (the "DPA") published the second draft of its data protection amendment bill (the "Bill") following the consultation on its first draft in February 2017.

The Bill in many ways reflects the position taken by the GDPR as it removes the obligation to register databases with the DPA, requires data controllers to apply 'Privacy by Design' and 'Privacy by Default' principles, and to carry out 'Privacy Impact Assessments'. A more exhaustive list of further data protection definitions are included and only natural persons are recognised as data subjects under the Draft Bill. Further to this, the DPA would be an independent authority rather than a part of the Ministry of Justice. The Bill will be discussed by Congress in 2018 following a government review.

To the extent that organisations handle personal data in Argentina, they should review the updated draft and monitor its progress until the bill is finalised.

A copy of the updated bill can be accessed here (Spanish).