The Federal Court has announced that it is introducing a new, specialist ‘Insurance List’ for short matters. The aim of the new list is to provide key insurance industry stakeholders (underwriters, re-insurers, brokers and insureds), with a specialist forum for the prompt and efficient resolution of legal issues related to insurance. The new list will provide a forum for parties to resolve their disputes, without the need for full-blown hearings, particularly in circumstances where a crucial issue can be decided quickly.

The list will only deal with ‘short’ insurance matters, and not all insurance disputes. In particular, the list will deal with issues of policy interpretation, and the operation of insurance legislation. The list will also cover marine and non-marine insurance.

Initially, the list will be run by His Honour the Chief Justice, and will commence in Melbourne on 10 March 2016. It will then be rolled out in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

More detail on the new list, and requirements for having a matter transferred to this list can be found at the following link: