Satellite TV provider DirecTV now has distribution deals in place with every major U.S. phone company since signing an agreement Monday that gives AT&T customers the option of bundling DirecTV video services with their voice and Internet offerings. The move has been anticipated since AT&T confirmed plans earlier this year to terminate its existing video distribution pact with DISH Network. Experts believe the agreement will facilitate the development of broadband interactive and on-demand services by both companies upon the expiration of AT&T’s current agreement with DISH on January 31. While AT&T intends to compliment its facilities-based U-Verse IPTV service with DirecTV, the accord will enable DirecTV to provide satellite TV to customers as part of a triple-play package in 22 additional states. As a consequence of the deal, however, DISH Network—which reported a first-time loss in subscribers during the second quarter—will be left without any partner in the phone industry. As AT&T Video and Entertainment Vice President Jeff Weber proclaimed, “our focus is on providing customers with a better TV experience,” a DISH spokesman said, “we look forward to healthy competition with [AT&T’s] U-Verse product and DirecTV.”