Inputs under advance authorisation and duty-free import authorisation

India's Foreign Trade Policy prescribes the issuance of advance authorisation and duty-free import authorisation for inputs and exports under the standard input-output norms. Paragraph 4.1.15 of the Foreign Trade Policy has been amended to provide that where a single quantity has been indicated against a number of inputs in any of the standard input-output norms, the quantum of inputs imported under advance authorisation or duty-free import authorisation must be proportional to the quantity of input used or consumed in the production of an exported product.

Further, the proportion of inputs used in the production of an exported product must be clearly indicated in the shipping bills.(1)

Date for affixing of barcodes on mono-cartons deferred

Public Notice 62,(2) issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, states that mono-cartons of pharmaceutical products must be treated as secondary-level packaging and, consequently, barcodes must be affixed. This requirement has been deferred and will now come into force on April 1 2015.(3)

'Served from India' scheme application form

In accordance with Public Notice 71, Form ANF 3B1 must be filed when claiming benefit under the 'served from India' scheme for the year 2013/2014. The existing form (ie, Form ANF 3B) can be used to claim benefits under the 'served from India' scheme up to the year 2012/2013.(4)

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