The Committee on Climate Change has released a report detailing plans for the UK to address climate change. The report, entitled “Building a low-carbon economy - the UK's contribution to tackling climate change,” recommends a minimum of a 34 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels, which would be increased to 42 percent if a global plan is reached.

The report says that carbon capture and storage technology is required on coal-fired power plants to achieve any of these goals. The report reads:

CCS generation is an essential technology for reducing global emissions, but needs to be developed rapidly. CCS will always be more expensive than conventional fossil fuel generation because of the additional process steps involved. But it is a technically feasible solution and best estimates suggest that it is likely to play a major role in a cost-efficient global abatement strategy.

The report goes onto suggest that CCS might not be economically feasible until 2020.