From 1 July, 2011 a new electronic process has been introduced for publishing notices and documents in the Commercial Gazette.

Anyone seeking to publish information in the Commercial Gazette must register at its website. This will give them a personal registration number which they can then use to upload documents electronically for publication.

According to a non-binding written submission from the Ministry of Justice, publication can be effected by a representative acting on behalf of the person subject to the publication requirement, even though the legislation does not expressly provide for this.

For example, this means a law firm could register at the website and then publish documents on a client’s behalf using its own registration number.

Also from 1 July:

  • only persons without internet access are allowed to submit for the  publication  only those agreements, invoices and other documents in paper form, which are required under freedom of information laws
  • the Commercial Gazette will only be available electronically, even for those with an existing order for automatically delivery of a paper version

Law: Act No. 200/2011 Coll. on the Commercial Gazette, replacing [parts of] Act Nr. 513/1991 Coll. and Regulations No. 42/2004 Coll.; Act. 211/2001 Coll. on Free Access to Information