Ofwat published on 22 October its annual review including the following highlights:

  •  In general, the companies delivered high levels of reliability and service to most consumers. But, they need to guard against complacency in light of last summer’s widespread floods.
  •  Most companies are on target to deliver the security of supply that we assumed in our final determinations at the 2004 price review.
  •  All companies met their leakage targets, although this was against the backdrop of a mild winter.
  •  Fewer consumers now face the risk of sewer flooding or are at risk of low pressure than in previous years.
  •  A number of companies have improved the way they maintain their assets and longer-term indicators of serviceability.
  •  Compliance with statutory requirements for sewage treatment is the best it has been for ten years.
  •  Companies that had performed badly in responding to consumer contacts in previous years have now resolved these issues. This is in large part by following action plans agreed by us.
  •  Aggregate gross capital investment was £4.9 billion. This is 4% higher than we assumed at the 2004 price review.
  •  Overall investment is still some 9% behind our expectations for the first three years of the current price limit period (2005-10).
  •  However, the companies have caught up on capital maintenance. This is 5% above the level we expected by now.
  •  The companies have also made improvements to the way they manage the water and sewerage network.