As evidenced by recent photovoltaic project commitments, New York State is banking on solar energy for the realization of two related aspirations: to meet its own renewable energy goals and to become a national leader in solar energy productions. New York State’s goal to receive 45% of its electricity through renewable sources by 2015 is aggressive, but over the past month equally aggressive requests for photovoltaic (PV) proposals have been issued by two of the State’s Energy Authorities. On April 22, the Long Island Power Authority announced a 50 MW project (contracts have already been awarded to BP Solar (36.9 MW) and enXco (13.1 MW)). The New York Power Authority followed suit in May with its Request for Expression of Interest for the installation of up to 100 MW of PV capacity; the deadline for receipt of proposals is July 7. Combined, these projects represent 150 MW of installed photovoltaic capacity, positioning New York to rank second in the nation when it comes to the production of solar energy.