The Pilot Scheme on Immigration Facilitation for Visitors Participating in Short-term Activities in Designated Sectors (the Scheme) has been expanded to cover two new designated sectors and 50 authorised host organisations with effect from 1 February 2023.

Under the Scheme, eligible visitors will not need to apply for an employment visa/entry permit to undertake specified short-term activities in Hong Kong. The duration of participation in the specified short-term activities is up to 14 consecutive calendar days, counting from the day when the eligible visitor starts to participate in the specified short-term activity, for each period of permitted stay as a visitor (i.e. upon each arrival in Hong Kong).

There is no cap on the number of designated short-term activities the eligible visitors may participate in during the 14-day period.

See here for the government's press release on the expanded scope of facilitation and here for the Immigration Department's website with details of the Scheme.