ASX Clear (Futures) Pty Limited received the first order of exemption from registration as a derivatives clearing organization by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in connection with its clearing of certain swap transactions for certain US persons. The order extends solely to the proprietary swap positions of US clearing members or any US affiliate of a non-US clearing member, including for (but not limited to) interest rate swaps denominated in US dollars, Euros, Japanese yen, British pounds, Australian dollars and New Zealand dollars. In order to maintain its exemption, ASX Clear must, among other things, within 60 days of each of its fiscal-year ends, (1) certify to the CFTC that it continues to comply with best practice principles for market infrastructures adopted by the Committee on Payments and Settlement Systems and the International Organization of Securities Commissions in April 2012 (click here to access), and (2) cause its home country regulator to represent in writing it remains in good standing. ASX is also required to make certain ongoing reports to the CFTC, some as frequently as daily.