According to the UN E-Government Survey 2016 (a global ranking of the United Nations), Serbia has in the past year improved its ranking for 30 positions in terms of the fastest progress in e-administration, now occupying the 39th position on the list. Efforts in this regard continue, and are supported by the recent modernization of the procedure before the Serbian Business Registers Agency (hereinafter: “SBRA”).

As of 31 January 2017, administrative fees for the service of registration and publication of electronic financial reports, provided by the SBRA, can also be paid for online by using any payment card (MasterCard/Maestro and Visa/Visa electron). This is a step forward from the system of e-banking through which all these services could have been paid for until now, which caused certain administrative issues and prolonged the period of registration before SBRA. According to the new system, all payments will now automatically be connected with the submitted financial report, thus making the procedure much more efficient, as it is not necessary to subsequently submit paper proof of the payment.

In addition to this, all documents which are submitted along with the financial reports can now be supplied with an electronic signature, through a special application designated for this purpose. All electronic documents, signed using this application will be verified and accepted by SBRA’s system. The application used for registering electronic signatures is now also equipped to receive documents supplied with an electronic signature from abroad. Further, SBRA devoted a special section of its web presentation offering step-by-step video instructions for all users on how to use the new system without difficulties.

Effectiveness of administration in any country is often a good indicator of its level of development in other fields as well. In terms of Serbian public institutions, SBRA is listed as a good example of modernization of administrative procedures and efficiency in dealing with user requests. This year’s UN study is another proof that e-government in Serbia is making constant progress, which can only be increased with the growing number of public institutions in Serbia offering services to citizens online.