1. Certificate of Need Program
  1. AL2015-019, The Callahan Eye Hospital Health Care Authority d/b/a UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, Birmingham, AL: Proposes to upgrade the existing facility and expand its operating room capacity by eight operating rooms on the third floor of its existing hospital. Opposition: None.


  1. AL2015-003, Affinity Hospital, LLC d/b/a Trinity Medical Center of Birmingham, Birmingham, AL: Proposes to relocate and consolidate existing oncology services within a comprehensive Cancer Center to be located on Trinity’s replacement hospital campus. Opposition: Brookwood Medical Center filed opposition/intervention and requested a contested case hearing. Administrative Law Judge submitted Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law April 22, 2015, approving this project.


  1. Reviewability Determinations and Pending Reviewability Determinations
  1. Reviewability Determinations

RV2015-021, Ivy Creek of Elmore d/b/a Elmore Community Hospital, requests to update and replace the main cooling plant, which will consist of two chillers, two cooling towers, and pumps. Status: Non-Reviewable.

  1. Pending Reviewability Determinations

RV2014-028, Surgicare of Mobile, Ltd., requests to add five operating rooms, 20 pre-/post-op bays, and four restrooms and to expand the waiting room and business office. Status: Pending.

Opposition: Providence Hospital filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. Mobile Infirmary Association, d/b/a Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, filed a letter opposing the Reviewability Determination Request. In litigation, CV 2014-901553, Springhill Hospital, Inc. filed Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief.

RV2015-018, Regional Health Management Corporation, requests to lease space to operate two physicians’ offices and then sublease to RMC-Anniston for operation of a hospital-based Diagnostic Imaging Center offering MRI, CT, General Radiology, and Ultrasound. Status: Pending.

RV2015-020, Southern Alabama Surgery Center, LLC d/b/a Surgery Center South, requests to expand the existing surgery center by leasing 7,569 square feet of shell space adjacent to the existing ASC space, within which Surgery Center South proposes to construct six additional operating rooms—two of which will be licensed, certified, fully staffed, and operated immediately upon completion of the construction, and four of which will remain unstaffed and held for future use. The leased space will also include 16 total bays for pre-operative and recovery care, counseling space, a cleaning station, a waiting area, restrooms, and a small physician’s lounge. Status: Pending.

Opposition: Southeast Alabama Medical Center and Dothan Surgery Center, LLC

RV2015-022, Mobile Real Estate, LLC, requests to purchase from Crowne Health Care of Mobile, LLC of the fee ownership of the land, building, fixed assets, and certain personal property known as Crowne Health Care of Mobile, LLC, and that Crowne Health Care will continue to be the licensee and operator. Status: Pending.

RV2015-023, Comfort Care Home Health, requests to establish a home health agency drop site in Tuscaloosa County. Status: Pending.

RV2015-024, Golden Living Center Montgomery, requests to provide outpatient physical therapy only. Status: Pending.

RV2015-025, Charlton Place Rehabilitation and Healthcare, requests to provide outpatient physical therapy services. Status: Pending.

The next CON Review Board meeting will be held on June 17, 2015.