A fast-food worker in Oregon has reportedly sued her former employer, seeking $242,000 in damages on the ground that she was discharged because she became pregnant, after being told by general managers during a staff meeting that workers such as the plaintiff were not allowed to become pregnant because “they needed to be present and available at any time in order to perform their duties.” Melesio-Rojas v. Si-Pac Foods d/b/a Del Taco Gresham, No. n/a (Multnomah Cnty. Cir. Ct., unknown filing date). According to a news source, the plaintiff claims that she was fired when she became noticeably pregnant after a customer complained that he did not receive all of his food, a reason she claims was “an excuse to terminate her because of her pregnancy.” The restaurant’s attorney has apparently indicated that the worker’s pregnancy-discrimination complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries lacked sufficient evidence to support her allegations. See Oregon Live, August 20, 2014.