Nearly 500,000 consumers will receive refunds totaling almost $3 million after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settled charges against dietary supplement maker TriVita, Inc. for claiming that its cactus juice fruit drink would treat health problems. FTC v. TriVita, No. 14-1557 (D. Ariz., stipulation approval order entered July 11, 2014). The beverage, Nopalea®, was advertised with infomercials that included unsupported product claims, including anti-inflammatory properties, and featured testimonials from consumers who were compensated for selling the product. TriVita did not admit liability as part of the settlement but did agree to fund the $3.5 million for consumer reimbursement and to cease making claims that the drink could alleviate a variety of health problems. Details on the 2014 settlement appear in Issue 29 of this Report. See FTC Press Release, May 15, 2015.