Michael Ashcroft QC appeared in the Court of Appeal today on behalf of the Claimants in Mark Alexander v West Bromwich Mortgage Company Ltd. The dispute (affecting many policyholders of the West Bromwich Mortgage Company) is over whether the mortgage lender’s standard terms allow it to vary the rate of “tracker” mortgages, otherwise than in accordance with base rate movements, and to terminate the mortgages for convenience on notice. The changes are believed to have affected 6,200 customers.

Mark Alexander who has taken the case to the High Court on behalf of over 350 other Landlords also with West Bromwich Building Society, stated today:

“we are bringing out the big guns now that we are at the Court of Appeal. We hadn’t raised enough money to do that in the early stages of this legal battle but our legal team has now been strengthened with the addition of Michael Ashcroft QC, who is responsible for much of the case law that our case is reliant upon”