Canada has amended the Special Economic Measures (Ukraine) Regulations in order to designate the following 14 individuals: Viktor Yuriiovych Anosov, Viacheslav Anatoliiovych Apraksimov, Fedir Dmytrovych Berezin, Ruslan Yunirovish Ilkaev, Valery Vladimirovich Kaurov (also designated by the US), Alexander Khodakovsky (also designated by the EU), Mykola Ivanovych Kozitsyn, Oleksiy Borysovych Mozgovy (also designated by the EU), Valerii Kostiantynovych Musiienko, Viacheslav Mykolaiovych Petrov, Igor Plotnitsky (also designated by the EU), Yurii Oleksandrovych Protsenko, Oleh Anatoliiovych Vasin and Serhii Anatoliyovych Zdriliuk.

Kaurov has been designated on account of being the self-described president of the Republic of Novorossiya. Zdriliuk has been designated on account of being a senior aide to Igor Girkin (also known as Igor Strelkov), a member of the main intelligence directorate of the Russian general staff. The remaining 12 individuals have been designated because they are members of various armed groups, including the Vostok Battalion, the Cossacks Forces Army, the Russian Kuban Cossack Army and the Russian United Army of the South-East.

Regulations Amending the Special Economic Measures (Ukraine) Regulations