Hospitals and health units set up as corporate public entities (“E.P.E.”) are exempt from IMI in respect of properties where health care is provided. However, the other State services, establishments and bodies having a corporate nature are not eligible for this exemption.

Following the General Valuation of Urban Properties, a sole IMI rate is to apply to urban properties (between 0.3% and 0.5%), being the previous rates applicable to urban properties not valuated in accordance with the IMI Code revoked.

The 3 year term to contest the Tax Value of the Property (“TVP”) arising from direct assessment on the grounds of it being outdated is now counted from the date of the application, of the official inscription or of the update of the property at the tax authorities, and not from the 31 December.

The TVP arising from the General Valuation of Urban Properties can only be amended on the grounds referred to above after the third year following the entry into force of the said TVP.


Where an exemption or reduction of the IMT rate ceases to apply, the taxpayer must apply for the corresponding tax assessment, by means of an official form to be submitted at the tax office where the IMT return was initially submitted or, where it was not previously submitted, at the tax office of the location of the property.