The Commission has published frequently asked questions (FAQs) that clarify EU investment firms' obligations when they seek out brokerage and research services from broker-dealers in non-EU countries.

The guidance has been published following concerns raised with the FCA by UK market participants that, post-3 January 2018, they would be unable to continue to access US research (or research in other-non-EU jurisdictions) in compliance with the MiFID II requirements.

In response, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued no-action letters broadly confirming:

  1. "Broker-dealers, on a temporary basis, may receive research payments from money managers in hard dollars or from advisory clients' research payment accounts; 
  2. Money managers may continue to aggregate orders for mutual funds and other clients; 
  3. Money managers may continue to rely on an existing safe harbor when paying broker-dealers for research and brokerage."

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