A federal district court refused to reconsider its order staying Allstate’s action to compel arbitration against its insured, A.O. Smith. The case involved a Settlement/Coverage-in Place Agreement between A.O. Smith and Allstate regarding coverage for asbestos liability. Continental Casualty Company, another insurer for A.O. Smith, filed an action in Wisconsin state court against both A.O. Smith and Allstate arguing that the Agreement impermissibly limited its subrogation and contribution rights against Allstate. When Allstate and A.O. Smith asserted their defenses in the Wisconsin action, a dispute emerged between them as to the nature of the Agreement. Allstate attempted to compel arbitration against A.O. Smith in federal court and to stay the Wisconsin litigation pending the outcome of the arbitration. The federal court, however, refused to compel arbitration and instead stayed its own proceedings, in deference to the Wisconsin court’s determination of a pending motion for summary judgment that could impact arbitrability. In denying reconsideration of that ruling, the court explained that its stay was warranted because the Wisconsin litigation was further along, the Wisconsin court was “currently in a more informed position from which to address the issue of arbitrability, and a stay [was therefore] warranted on that basis.” Allstate Insurance Co. v. A.O. Smith Corp., Case No. 1:15-cv-06574 (USDC N.D. Ill. Dec. 11, 2015).