The DOS has issued its Visa Bulletin for February 2014. This bulletin determines who can apply for U.S. permanent residence and when. The cutoff dates for family-based immigration continue to show backlogs and regressions due to the heavy demand for these visas. On the employment-based side, the February Visa Bulletin showed that the Second Preference ("EB-2") for China continues to lag behind the Third Preference ("EB-3") for that country. The EB-3 Chinese quota has reached June 1, 2012, while the EB-2 quota has only reached January 8, 2009. In the February Visa Bulletin, the EB-2 quota for India has remained at November 15, 2004. The EB-2 cutoff date for the rest of the world remains current. In the February 2014 Visa Bulletin, the cutoff dates for the EB-3 category are as follows: June 1, 2012, for all chargeability, including Mexico. The EB-3 cutoff date for India is September 1, 2003, and, for the Philippines, it is April 15, 2007. The DOS's monthly Visa Bulletin is available at