FSA has announced an indefinite delay to implementing the rules that would change the scope and breadth of significant influence controlled functions. It says it still intends to implement the changes in full, but problems with its Online Notifications and Applications facility mean it cannot accept new applications by the planned date of 1 May. It will give firms two months’ notice of the revised implementation date. FSA has made changes to its rules to reflect this, but, as planned, in May it will introduce additional guidance on risk controls, non-executive directors, and application of the CF29 significant management function to EEA retail bank branches. It has also clarified that having the time to perform a controlled function forms part of FSA's assessment of competence and capability and that a compromise agreement does not override any duties to provide FSA with relevant information about any current or former approved person. (Source: Statement on deferral of new SIF functions and Controlled Functions (Amendment No 2) Instrument 2011)