The 13th wave of Irish and EU aggregated data for the period 1 October 2013 to 31 March 2014 was published by ComReg on 8 December 2014.

There are no significant changes from the previous report but some ‘ups and downs’. A useful summary of the key points for voice calls, SMS and data is set out at pages 4 and 5 of the report.  Highlights include:

Voice calls

  • Irish average retail roaming prices for calls made / received continue to indicate compliance with the regulatory price ceilings.
  • A change in experience regarding Ireland’s average “Eurotariff” (price per calls made / received and price for the rest of the world for calls made while outside the EU/EEA) – although Ireland’s average Eurotariff has tended to be below the EU/EEA average over most of the reported periods, the average price per calls received went up in this reporting period, taking it above the EU/EEA average.
  • As per previous reports, talking less – or at least less than 30 seconds - is still costing us more due to the 30 seconds billing threshold. As such, the surcharge for Ireland’s billed prices for retail “Eurotariff” calls made continues to have increased in the relevant period and remains significantly above the EU/EEA average (ie, Ireland’s billed price in Q1 2014 was around 11% compared to the EU/EEA average of 5.0%).

Text Messages (SMS)

  • The average retail price for sending a text message remained 7 cents in the relevant period (1 cent below the regulated cap of 8 cents).


  • Ireland’s average “Eurotariff” retail data prices dropped dramatically to 6 cents (following the reduction of the regulated price cap in July 2013) - significantly lower than the regulated price cap of 45 cents and 17 cents EU/EEA average.
  • Despite being known as a nation of talkers, it seems like the rest of the world, our hunger for data continues - volumes of retail data traffic have continued to grow strongly over the relevant period.