The district court for the Southern District of Texas entered a final judgment in a civil action brought by the SEC against former Noble Corporation CEO Mark A. Jackson and current Noble employee, as well as former Director and Division Manager of Noble’s Nigerian subsidiary, James J. Ruehlen. See SEC Settles Pending Civil Action Against Noble Executives,  Litig. Release No. 23038 (July 7, 2014).  The complaint alleged that Jackson and Ruehlen had authorized bribes to Nigerian customs officials to process paperwork falsely showing that certain oil rigs had been exported from Nigeria and re-imported, as required under Nigerian law, although in reality the rigs never left Nigeria.  According to the SEC, the false paperwork saved Noble the additional customs duties associated with export and re-import.  The settlement, entered only six days before the case was to have gone to trial, did not require a financial penalty, but only injunctive relief.  Previously, Noble had settled FCPA charges brought by the SEC and entered into a non-prosecution agreement with DOJ based on the same conduct.