The ACCC has made a final access determination (FAD) for the declared local bitstream access service (LBAS). The LBAS is the wholesale access service for fixed line networks built or upgraded after January 2011 which are provided to residences and small businesses and have a download transmission rate of 25 megabits per second or faster. It does not apply to the NBN or to wireless or satellite networks.

The FAD will apply for three years and expire on 5 October 2012. It contains price and non-price terms and conditions for a 25/5 Mbps LBAS service (a price ceiling has been set at $27 per service per month), and requires LBAS providers to supply a voice service if requested by an access seeker. The FAD also contains non-price terms and conditions of access as a base position if parties cannot reach a commercial agreement.

For more information, please see the ACCC Media Release.