Two important employment law changes take effect from 21 March 2011.

First, an initial medical examination will no longer be required for employees who are re-employed by the same employer within 30 days of their previous employment, either for the same position or on the same terms & conditions. This includes employees who are re-employed within 30 days after the change comes into force.

Second, employers will be required to issue collective employment certificates covering the employment completed by employees who have worked under two or more fixed-term contracts entered into within a two-year period since their first agreement started.

This will not apply where the employee is no longer employed on a fixed–term basis.

However, where employment continues beyond the two-year period under an indefinite-term contract entered into within the two-year period, the certificate should be issued at the end of the two-year period.

Where employment continues beyond the two-year period under a fixed-term contract, the certificate does not have to be issued until after the contract ends.

This change only applies to contracts entered into on or after 21 March 2011.