On January 16, the German federal regulator, Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), updated its Database of Position Limits and published additional indicative position limits for the following contracts:

  • Phelix Power DE Future (Peak): traded on the European Energy Exchange (EEX), this contract has been added to the Database of Position Limits, but the actual limits have not yet been published;
  • PXE Czech Financial Future (Base): traded on EEX, the actual limits for this contract have not yet been published; and
  • Phelix Power DE Future (Base) and Phelix Power DE Option (Base): traded on EEX, this contract has a proposed limit of 46,000 381 MWh for the spot month and a position limit of 825 477 708 MWh for other months.

Any comments regarding the proposed position limits can be emailed to BaFin by February 5.

BaFin’s Database of Position Limits can be found in German here and in English here.