A criminal court in Athens has found the former defence minister of Greece, Akis Tsochatzopoulos, guilty of failing to disclose assets on an income statement. He was sentenced on 4 March to serve an eight year jail term and fined €520,000. He faces further charges of corruption and money laundering for allegedly taking kickbacks whilst in office. Many in Greece believe that the allegations of corruption levelled at Mr Tsochatzopoulos is just the tip of the iceberg and rampant corruption pervaded the political elite. Last week a Greek court convicted the former mayor of Thessaloniki of embezzlement for stealing about €20 million from the city, and a further three Greek ministers have been charged with tax evasion.

Civil society in Greece is showing an increasing intolerance to corruption. Even websites are being set up such as edosafakelaki (meaning "I paid a bribe") which allows people to report anonymously instances of bribes or bribes being refused. One such website anticipates further high profile prosecutions of officials in Greece are in the pipeline.