The U.S. Department of State (“DOS”) has issued its Visa Bulletin for February 2013. This bulletin determines who can apply for U.S. permanent residence and when. The cutoff dates for family-based immigration continue to show backlogs and regressions due to the heavy demand for these visas. On the employment-based side, the February 2013 Visa Bulletin showed that the Second Preference (“EB-2”) for China advanced to January 15, 2008, but India remained at September 1, 2004. The EB-2 cutoff date for the rest of the world remained current. In the February 2013 Visa Bulletin, the cutoff dates for the Employment-Based Third Preference (“EB-3”) category are as follows: March 15, 2007, for all chargeability, including Mexico; November 15, 2006, for China; November 15, 2002, for India; and August 22, 2006, for the Philippines. The DOS’s monthly Visa Bulletin is available at