EP A has published a proposed rule that revises greenhouse gas (GHG ) reporting rules for GHG emissions from coolants used during production by electronics manufacturers. 76 Fed. Reg. 56,010 (9/9/11). The revisions are EP A’s response to several industry petitions seeking a reconsideration of EP A’s definition of fluorinated coolants for purposes of the GHG reporting rule. Comments must be submitted by October 11, 2011.

In the original GHG rule, EP A had included fluorinated GHG s in its definition of heat transfer fluids but limited the reporting requirements to those with a vapor pressure greater than one millimeter of mercury at 25 degrees Celsius. Based in part on petitioners’ argument that vapor pressure does not accurately predict GHG emissions from coolants, EP A has proposed a revision that would clarify that the vapor pressure portion does not apply for purposes of the reporting rule. EP A also proposed several technical clarifications to the reporting requirements for petroleum and natural gas systems in response to requests from several industry groups. EP A hopes to finalize the revisions by the end of 2011.