On April 20, 2015 China’s Supreme People’s Court released 2014 White Paper on Intellectual Property Protection by Chinese Courts, 2014 Top 10 IP Judicial Protection Cases, Top 10 Innovative Cases and Top 50 Typical Cases.

According to the White Paper, Chinese courts received 133,836 and concluded 127,129 IP related cases during 2014, with respective increase of 19.52% and 10.82% than the previous year. Administrative litigation cases had the sharpest growth of 243.66%,largely due to the implementation of the amended China Trademark Law. The numbers of administrative litigation cases concerning trademark reached 9190, taking up 92.67% of the total administrative litigations at the first instance.

Top 10 IP Judicial Protection Cases Released by Supreme Court

1. Business discrediting of“360 Koukou Bodyguard”software

Tencent v. Qihu 360

(Supreme People’s Court [2013] Third Civil Tribunal No. 5 Civil Judgment)

2. Abuse of dominant market position on Internet

Qihu 360 v. Tencent QQ

(Supreme People’s Court [2013] Third Civil Tribunal No. 4 Civil Judgment)

3. Dispute over franchise agreement

Nanjing Baoqing Chain Store & Jiangsu Chuangyu v. Nanjing Baoqing Jewelry & Nanjing Corp.

(Jiangsu High Court [2012] IR Civil Appeal No. 0154 Civil Judgment)

4. Dispute over unfair competition of domain name“quna.com”

Beijing Quna v. Guangzhou Quna

Guangdong High Court (2013) Third Civil Tribunal No. 565 Civil Judgment)

5. Patent infringement dispute over Layout-design of Integrated Circuits“ATT7021AU”

Juquan Photoelectricity v. Shenzhen Juneng & Shanghai Yachuang

(Shanghai High Court (2014) Third Civil Tribunal No. 12 Civil Judgment)

6. Dispute over preliminary injunction against “netease cloud music” for infringing right to network information dissemination

Tecent v. NetEase, et al

Hubei Wuhan Intermediate Court (2014) IP Injunction Nos. 5, 5-1, 5-2 Civil Judgment)

7. Administrative dispute over review of opposition to trademark “DAO XIANG CUN”

Suzhou Dao Xiang Cun v. Trademark Review and Adjudication Board & Beijing Dao Xiang Cun

(Beijing High Court (2014) Administrative Appeal No. 1103 Administrative Judgment)

8. Administrative dispute over invalidation of trademark “ZHU JIA ZHUANG BI FENG TANG”

Shanghai Bi Feng Tang v. Trademark Review and Adjudication Board & Shanghai Panshi

(Supreme People’s Court [2013] Administrative Examination No. 8 Administrative Judgment)

9. Administrative dispute over invalidation of “medical compound for treating Eccyclomastoma disease and its preparation method” invention patent

Beijing Yadong v. Patent Reexamination Board & Shangdong Huayang

(Supreme People’s Court [2013] IP Administrative No. 77 Administrative Judgment)

10. Copyright infringement crime of ZHOU Zhiquan, et al through operating silu.com

(Beijing No. 1 Intermediate Court [2014] No.2516 Criminal Judgment)