Pursuant to Article 7, paragraph 4 of the Act Governing Food Sanitation, the Ministry of Health and Welfare provided an internal ruling on 21 August, 2014, designating the following five types of food producers to submit to regular inspections: aquatic food producers; meat processing producers; dairy processing producers; food additive producers and importers; and registered producers of special nutritional foods.  Such inspections shall be carried out at least once per quarter.  The requirements shall take effect on December 31, 2014.  If producers fail to comply with these requirements, they may be ordered to comply within a set period, and failure to do so would subject the non-complying producer to fines of greater than NT$30,000 and less than NT$3 million.  In cases of significant non-compliance, the producer may be ordered to suspend or cease operation, or its corporate registration or food producer registration may be annulled