Several insurers in liquidation proceedings have upcoming claims bar dates:

The liquidator for Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company and Centennial Insurance Company have set September 30, 2013 as the final bar date for creditors, including policyholders, to submit their claim in order to share in the distribution of assets. The New York State Superintendant of Insurance order Atlantic Mutual and Centennial into liquidation on April 27, 2011. Details can be found in the claims bar notice here.

The final claims bar date for the Australian insurer, HIH Insurance Companies, which has been in liquidation proceedings for over a decade, is September 2, 2013. The company and its subsidiaries, which formerly participated in policies issued through the London Insurance Market, are subject to schemes of arrangement in both England and Australia. HIH insurers within the scope of the schemes include HIH Casualty & General Insurance Limited, FAI General Insurance Company Limited, CIC Insurance Limited, FAI Trader's Insurance Company Pty. Limited, FAI Reinsurances Pty. Limited, FAI Insurances Limited, World Marine & General Insurances Pty. Limited (formerly known as Vanguard Insurance Company Limited and sometimes identified in London security as "C.F. and A.U." when participating in the B.D. Cooke Pools), and HIH Underwriting & Insurance (Australia) Pty. Limited. More information can be found on the scheme webpage.

The liquidator for Nassau Insurance Company, a general liability insurer, has proposed August 31, 2013 as the final bar date to present claims and share in any distribution of assets. A hearing on the matter will be held on September 12, 2013, to have retroactive effect. New York’s Superintendant of Insurance placed Nassau into liquidation on June 22, 1984. The notice of the proposed claims bar date can be found by clicking here.