The Financial Regulator will not limit the amount of assets which might be allocated to a side pocket, partial suspension, or partial redemption arrangement. Furthermore, PIFs and QIFs may avail of reduced gate provisions or may disapply the limit on compulsory redemptions in specie. While each fund must consider its own position with regard to the fair treatment of all shareholders the Financial Regulator does not require prior notification of actions taken, but requires that the board of directors and the trustee provide written confirmation to the Financial Regulator that the proposed action takes into account the interests of all investors and is in accordance with the fund rules. Non-UCITS retail funds may also establish side pockets, apply reduced redemption gates, partial suspensions or partial repayment of proceeds as described above, however, in specie redemptions must comply with existing policy for retail investment funds. Funds are likely to need to amend constitutional documentation to avail of these relaxed provisions (as most of the regulatory restrictions are built into the constitutional documents which continue to bind the fund). Amendments may require shareholder approval in certain cases.