The Lithuanian Government has submitted to the Parliament a new version of the Law on Prohibition of Unfair Practices by Retailers. The proposed amendments, which are a result of observations by the Competition Council, aim to balance the interests of retailers and suppliers (most of which are food product manufacturers and distributors).

The amendments propose to decrease the administrative burden on retailers by suggesting that market monitoring should only take place every two years, and at the same time to protect suppliers from pressure by retailers related to prices and conditions applied to third parties. Another important change would be the possibility for the Competition Council to conceal the identity of persons (suppliers) that file complaints about activities by retailers provided a clearly justified request is submitted.

The Law on Prohibition of Unfair Practices by Retailers passed in 2010 applies to retail companies having a large portion of the retail market where food products dominate. However, the law is relevant to suppliers that supply or intend to supply their products to the market players mentioned above.