7.1 Million Americans Enroll in Health Plans through Marketplaces

As of December 26, 6.5 million people enrolled in health plans through the Federally-facilitated Marketplace, according to an HHS press release. The first Open Enrollment monthly report, which provides the first detailed state specific enrollment numbers, additionally indicates that 633,000 have enrolled through State-based Marketplaces as of December 15 – including new enrollees, people actively re-enrolling, and previous enrollees whose plans were automatically renewed. According to the Washington Post, HHS clarified that this may be an underestimate, as many states have not reported complete re-enrollment numbers. The Open Enrollment report also indicated that 87% of those with coverage beginning January 1 have been determined eligible for financial premium assistance, an increase from 80% during a similar time period in 2013.

CMS Awards $563 Million Healthcare.gov Contract

After being hired by the Obama Administration to fix major problems with healthcare.gov in 2014, Accenture has been granted a new five-year $563 million contract to continue its work on the site. Over the past year, the firm was tasked with improving the website, maintaining the application and eligibility and enrollment functions, in addition to supporting states that transitioned from State-based to Federally-facilitated Marketplaces.