The UK government announced that its first CCS plant will be a single post-combustion coal-fired project. The announcement comes prior to the November launch of the government's CCS competition. John Hutton, Business and Enterprise Secretary, said, "I am today committing the UK Government to backing the construction within 7 years of one of the world's first commercial-scale coal-fired CCS projects." He continued by saying, "A commercial-scale demonstration of this technology, as part of a full CCS chain, opens up huge possibilities, not just for Britain but also the world." This project would capture 90% of the CO2 emitted by the equivalent of a 300MW facility.

Establishing a CCS competition will allow the UK to be a leader in the CCS market worldwide as well as help lead the fight against climate change. As part of the competition, the UK hopes to have 10 to12 demonstration projects by 2015. While the competition remains set to launch in November, Secretary Hutton initiated a short discussion period that began with an Industry Day for prospective participants in the CCS demonstration.