In 2006, the Plaintiff, Tethys Health Ventures, LLC (“Tethys”), an administrator of organ transplant risk management services, entered into an agreement with the defendant, Zurich, which provided that Zurich would pay Tethys commissions for producing insurance business. During the course of the agreement, Tethys earned commissions for its part in producing new excess insurance and reinsurance business for Zurich. In 2011, Zurich gave notice that it was terminating the agreement. Tethys sued, on a contract theory, as well as on an unjust enrichment theory. Zurich moved to dismiss the claims. The court denied Zurich’s motion, finding that the agreement was ambiguous as to the definition of “produce” and left unclear what the parties’ intent was with respect to the classification of Tethys’s producer commissions. For similar reasons, the court also declined to dismiss the unjust enrichment count. Tethys Health Ventures, LLC v. Zurich American Ins. Co., No. WDQ-11-2761 (USDC D. Md. May 31, 2012).