Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said that Theresa May has still not given Brussels the information it needs to flesh out the EU’s relationship with the UK after Brexit. Speaking in the European Parliament in Brussels, Mr Juncker said that “it is obvious that we need further clarity from the UK if we are to reach an understanding on our future relationship”. The comments reflect frustration in Brussels that a major speech by Mrs May earlier this month did not do more to recognise what EU capitals see as the inevitable sacrifices on market access that Britain will have to make, given its red lines such as leaving the single market and customs union. (Financial Times)

Brexit preparations have cost at least £400m in the current financial year, with the bill estimated to reach £2bn by Brexit day in March 2019, according to new research. The report by the Institute for Government (IfG) into Whitehall spending claims that after strict controls on departmental budgets, Philip Hammond is “loosening his purse strings”. Around half of the money will have been spent on staffing government departments, with the think-tank claiming that Brexit has reversed the staff reductions made in the civil service in the years before the EU referendum. (Independent)

Theresa May will hold private talks with the Scottish and Welsh first ministers on Wednesday in an effort to end the deadlock over their new powers after Brexit. May is urgently trying to resolve a heated dispute about Westminster’s plans to temporarily restrict law-making by the Scottish and Welsh governments over at least 24 EU powers which will be repatriated after Brexit. These areas – which are controlled by the EU but overseen by the devolved governments – include GM crops, pesticides regulation, organic farming, fishing quotas and food safety. The prime minister will host separate bilateral meetings with Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones after all three leaders hold a joint ministerial committee at Downing Street, underlining the pressure May is under to resolve the dispute before meeting other European leaders on Brexit next week. (The Guardian)