New clients, and old clients alike, often ask us whether there is any funding support for IP-related costs. They are often surprised to hear that the New Zealand government provides support for some IP costs, and even more so for R&D costs.

There are a lot of programmes which innovative businesses might qualify for. We have put together a brief list of sources of funding available (as of 2020), but this is always changing.

IP Funding

The New Zealand government has started to recognise how important intellectual property advice is to New Zealand businesses. The key programmes for IP funding are:

  • Innovation IP (40%) from Callaghan Innovation
  • Capability Voucher (50%) from NZTE
  • Mentoring (Regional)

R&D Funding

There are even more sources which offer funding for research and development. There has never been a better time to be looking into new R&D projects in New Zealand. The most common R&D funding sources are:

  • Project grants (40%) through Callaghan Innovation
  • R&D loss tax credit (28%) through IRD
  • R&D tax incentive (15%) through IRD
  • Endeavor fund
  • Catalyst fund
  • PreSeed Accelerator Fund
  • Māori Business Growth Support
  • Māori Innovation Fund
  • Provincial Growth Fund

Traditional Sources

Of course, funding can also be obtained from more traditional private sources. This includes bootstrapping, debt instruments (based on IP as security), angel investment, venture capital, competitions and incubators, and crowdfunding.

Where Do I Start?

With so many programmes available, it can be hard to know where to start.