The Ministry of Transport recently published the revised Administrative Measures for Examination and Approval of Foreign Air Transport Enterprises’ Permanent Representative Offices in China (“Revised Measures”) to gather public opinion until September 14, 2016.

The highlights:

- The Civil Aviation Administration of China (“CAAC”) entrusts the local civil aviation administration bureaus (“Local CAAC”) to examine and approve foreign air transportation enterprises’ representative offices in China. Local CAAC cannot further entrust this task to other parties.

- Reciprocal equivalence will be applied, based on restrictions that foreign authorities impose on representative offices of Chinese enterprises under the treaties/agreements between the Chinese and foreign governments.

- Applicants must apply for registration within 90 days after the Local CAAC’s approval. Otherwise, approval will be automatically invalidated.

- If a representative office has not applied for an extension of the business term before it expires, the certificate of approval will be invalidated on expiration instead of being cancelled by the CAAC. 

The Revised Measures do not include significant revisions, but they will ease the burden of representative offices outside Beijing.