Chicago Mercantile Exchange business conduct committees agreed to settlements with two individuals for allegedly engaging in prohibited wash trades and with a third individual, for purportedly engaging in certain round turn transactions solely to transfer funds between two accounts. In one action, the BCC determined that, between January 2012 and February 2013, James Roemer executed “numerous transactions” for two accounts he controlled for the purpose of “liquidating positions, transferring positions from one account to another, and avoiding maintenance margin requirements.” The BCC said these transactions were prohibited wash trades. Mr. Roemer agreed to pay a fine of US $10,000 to resolve this matter and a 15-business day suspension from all trading activity on any CME Group exchange. The BCC determined that John Scott Mathews engaged in similar conduct from January through August 2012 which it also said constituted wash trading. Mr. Mathews agreed to a 30-day trading suspension on all CME Group exchanges to resolve this matter. Finally, Brett Simons agreed to pay a fine of US $15,000 and a 15-business day trading suspension on CME Group exchanges for, on “several occasions” in December 2014, allegedly engaging in “numerous round turn transactions” to transfer funds between two accounts.