Bharti Airtel—India’s largest mobile phone carrier—stepped onto the global network services stage Monday with the debut of its “Global Wholesale Service Portfolio” that will open the company’s international fiber optic network to carriers around the world. Expanding upon a similar, but smaller service through which Bharti opened its domestic network last year to foreign operators hoping to gain access to India’s fast growing wireless sector, Bharti’s global initiative is the product of more than US $500 million in investments made in the construction and acquisition of international cable capacity and network infrastructure. According to a company press release, the resulting global system consisting of submarine networks, backhaul networks, and international points of presence that span more than 50 countries is designed to offer “unparalleled service quality and flexibility” to Bharti’s wholesale customers. Bharti, which already provides wholesale services to 450 domestic and international carriers within India, hopes the new global enterprise will attract upwards of 600 carriers that would use the network to market their own services under their own brand names. Welcoming the launch of the new service as “another step in our journey of becoming a global network solutions provider,” David Nishball, the president of Bharti’s Enterprise Services unit, told reporters in Singapore that his company “is now uniquely poised to serve global carriers to and from any part of the globe.”