It had to happen. For some time there has been anecdotal evidence of investors being nervous of putting money into waste infrastructure, given the uncertain planning backdrop. The exclusion of waste planning from the NPPF has confused many and it is not known when an equivalent policy statement for waste is going to be produced.

Now it is official; the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group issued a report in September called "Rubbish to Resource: Financing New Waste Infrastructure" and a key finding is that necessary investment in waste infrastructure is being affected by uncertainty in the planning sphere. Further information can be found here.

The report also highlights financial restrictions, but the role of an "uncertain" planning framework is said to "undermine the confidence of potential investors". The first of the Group's seven recommendations is that Government must formally co-ordinate public bodies "... whose policy remits encompass waste, in order to provide investors with greater certainty over policy stability and co-ordination." There is particular concern about the disproportionate number of waste applications that are refused by planning committees, seeming to give the truth to the old adage that there are no votes in granting waste applications.