UKBA has recently increased the number of immigration categories able to use the super premium service for applications to extend a migrant's stay in the UK.

For a fee of £6,000 for the service plus the applicable official application fee, migrants are able to enjoy the privilege of having UKBA's Mobile Enrolment Team attend a nominated premises (such as the applicant's home or their lawyer's offices) at a pre-arranged time to enrol the applicant's biometric data. A decision on the migrant's application is then made within 24 hours of the biometric enrolment.

Migrants who would benefit in particular from this service would be those applying under tier 1 (investor) or tier 1 (entrepreneur) and also those applying on form FLR(BUS), such as those applying for an extension of stay as a sole representative of an overseas firm. This is because these categories do not currently have the option of their biometric data and their applications being processed using the same day premium service at one of UKBA's Public Enquiry Offices. By using the super premium service the processing time is significantly shortened from weeks or even months to a number of days and also migrants are able to enrol their biometric data at a time and place convenient to them.

For full details of the super premium service including the procedure and immigration categories covered, please click here