It has been reported that Mr Faisal Sultan Siddiqui has been banned from practising as a doctor in the UK after his actions were found to have ‘raised serious concerns for patient safety’, according to the General Medical Council.

Mr Siddiqui worked as a locum doctor at Kingston Hospital from January to March 2010. The General Medical Council panel heard that he was hired on the recommendation of a family member working at the Trust, without an interview or his CV being considered. During the three months that he was employed at Kingston Hospital, Dr Siddiqui was found to have made a catalogue of basic medical failures, including errors being made during at least seven operations.

He was referred to the General Medical Council when a patient complained to Kingston Hospital about their treatment. When this complaint was being investigated, it identified a further seven patients whose care was said to be seriously below the standard expected. Four of these patients required further surgery, including a five year old girl who had to undergo a second procedure for a broken arm after Dr Siddiqui failed to treat the fracture appropriately. Patients also suffered from infections.

Erasing his name from the medical register, the panel noted that this was“the only means of protecting patients and the wider public interest, including trust in the profession”.

Mr Philip Radford, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon giving evidence on the standard of treatment provided, described Dr Siddiqui’s care as“extremely poor, indicating a substantial and serious lack of surgical judgement, surgical understanding and surgical skills”.

As a medical negligence solicitor, it is concerning to hear about such serious failures and the lack of checks on Mr Siddiqui and his abilities before he was recruited. Patients who have suffered substandard treatment which has caused them an injury, such as the need to undergo further surgery, should seek legal advice from a specialist medical negligence solicitor about their options.