The draft Partial Amendments to the Act of Gender Equality in Employment (hereinafter, the "Act") was promulgated by the President on December 11, 2014, and has been in effect since December 13, 2014. The amendments are highlighted below:

  1. To accommodate organizational adjustments, the central competent authority under Article 4 of the Act was changed into the Ministry of Labor.
  2. Paragraph 2, which contains the principles for determining sexual harassment, is added to Article 12 of the Act to specifically provide that the review of an individual case shall be based on concrete facts about an incident such as the backgrounds, work environment, relations between the parties, the speech and behavior of the actor and the perception of the counterparty.
  3. The provisions about menstruation leave under Article 14 of the Act were revised to specifically provide that the wages for the menstruation leave, which is either included or not included in sick leave, shall be 50% of the regular wages during the leave.
  4. It is additionally stipulated in Article 15 of the Act that a pregnant employee shall have five-day pregnancy examination leave with pay. In view of the reasonable need to have the company of the spouse for the delivery of babies, paternity leave with pay is extended from three days to five days.
  5. Since certain employees may have insufficient years in service with the same enterprise due to initial employment or change of employers and it is also difficult for dispatched workers to accumulate their years in service, Article 16, Paragraph 1 of the Act is amended to ease requirements and allow employees who have been employed for six months to take parental leave without pay and with position retention.
  6. To facilitate the creation of a domestic environment favorable to adoption, Article 16, Paragraph 3 is added to this Act to ease requirements and allow an employee who is required to live with an adopted child pursuant to relevant requirements under The Act Governing Family Cases and the Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act to take parental leave without pay and with position retention during the period of cohabitation pursuant to applicable requirements.
  7. Article 23 of the Act is amended to contain provisions relating to the specific requirement that an employer who hires 250 or more employees is required to provide a nursery room, and the relevant subsidies provided by competent authorities.
  8. Article 38-1 of the Act is amended to increase the penalties on employers for violation of prohibition against sexual discrimination, which range from NT$300,000 to NT$1,500,000, as compared with NT$100,000 to NT$500,000 previously.